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Alaskan Shines on Sunny Day 1 of the Sea Otter Classic
Pedro's Orchestrates Buyout by SaVI of Lausanne
The Adventure Continues in 2008: The Thule Adventure Challenge kicks off Friday at Sea Otter


Men's Start
Start of the junior men's road race

MONTEREY, Calif. (April 17, 2008) Using winter as an excuse not to race at Sea Otter won't work after today since Jessica Yeaton came down from Anchorage, Alaska to win the junior women's 17-18 road race. Yeaton, who finished second last year, moved into first today in only her fifth ride outside in 2008.

"It's pretty hilly out there and I was kind of off by myself for the whole race," Yeaton said. "I rode with the second place girl for a while but she fell off about midway through."

The only major threat to Yeaton's victory today seemed to be her dad, who entered her brother's birthdate on her race registration instead of hers, which almost caused officials to disqualify her.

Flanking Yeaton on the podium were girls from Idaho and ***. Since Yeaton arrived in California on Monday, Anchorage received an additional 2-3 feet of snow. If you're wondering how Yeaton manages to keep fit, her winter training plan includes plenty of cross-country skiing and countless hours on the indoor trainer.

The road race took racers down through Barloy Canyon and dispatched them out to an 8.5-mile loop. After finishing the required laps for their respective categories, racers headed back up Barloy Canyon for a hilltop finish.

Three years after shedding 30 pounds, a leaner and fitter Kevin Metcalfe (Specialized) took on another challenge by entering the men's 35+ category when he could have shuffled in with the men's 45+. The 46-year-old broke free midway through the race, taking three others with him.

"The Morgan Stanley team got up the road early and they got a big lead," Metcalfe said. "A little more than halfway, I got into a group with my teammate, Billy Innes. Mike Hutchinson and Collin Cooper came with us so it was four of us on Hennikens Ranch Road. With two to go, I gave a test, I accelerated and Collin came with me. The others played cat-and-mouse behind me and I opened up a big gap. I knew Collin would be tired so I attacked at the feedzone with a lap and a half to go and I ended up staying away."

Tomorrow it's business as usual for Metcalfe, who has to go back to work after playing hookie for a day. But not before celebrating early, his birthday is on Sunday.

New owners look to strengthen the brand and message of Pedro's USA

Peace flower

At the stroke of noon today, Pedro's announced a partnership with Sports adVentures International S.A. (SaVI) of Lausanne, Switzerland to acquire the popular Pedro’s brand from Swix Sport USA. The new Pedro's will launch May 1 with the management team as part owners. While growth over the past ten years under Swix has been steady, Pedro's management sought to grow the brand in a new direction with a partner tuned to the lifestyle promoted by Pedro's. SaVI is an investment group with a focus in the active life, health and wellness sectors

"They also bring a level of business acumen that we don't necessarily know," said Chris Zigmont, who will become CEO of the new Pedro's. "They understand product development and know how to drive it out all the way to the end."

Along with the new business comes a new move into space adjacent to the existing Pedro's in Wilminton, Mass. Early in 2009, Pedro's plans to move again to a location conducive to and accessible by public transportation, which aligns with Pedro's emphasis on sustainability.

The Adventure Continues in 2008: The Thule Adventure Challenge kicks off Friday at Sea Otter


After the success of last year’s Thule Adventure race, the Sea Otter Classic will build on the event with the new 2008 Thule Adventure Challenge.  Not a traditional triathlon or duathlon, the Thule Adventure Challenge is a new breed of multi-sport racing where participants must figure out the best way to finish the race – it's not simply enough to be the strongest and fastest, in the Thule Adventure Race, it's the fastest thinking teams that will prevail.  For 2008, race director and course designer Todd Jackson, has changed the course to only require “light navigation." 

“Most events at Sea Otter have a marked course, some of this course won’t be marked," explained Jackson. "You’ll have to figure out where you’re going and you’ll have to pay attention to the written word a bit.”

This year the race moved its start from the beaches of Monterey Bay to the Fort Ord Public Land Bureau of Land Management trails that surround the Laguna Seca Raceway.  There the competitors will complete an approximately three-mile long section of trail running.  After the run, the competitors will transition to a five to seven-mile mountain bike segment that will have competitors on a mix of famed Sea Otter single track as well as several fire roads. 

Upon completion of the running and biking elements, athletes will be forced to complete a series of undisclosed “special challenges” that will test the brains of competitors like the trails will have tested their bodies.   According to Jackson, the race is expected to take between two and three hours to complete, though racers' actual finishing times will be largely dependent on their own abilities to navigate the course and complete the given challenges.

The Thule Adventure Challenge will kick off tomorrow at 9 am, when individual competitors as well as teams competing in both the Warrior Cup (a specially designed contest for military teams) and the Corporate Challenge will take off to see who is best.

For more information about the Thule Adventure Challenge, go here.    

About Sea Otter Classic, Inc.
The 18th Annual Sea Otter Classic will be held April 17-20, 2008 at the Laguna Seca Recreation Area, Monterey, California, USA. The four-day "Celebration of Sport" is considered the world's largest cycling festival, hosting nearly 10,000 professional and amateur athletes and 50,000 fans. The Sea Otter Classic benefits the Davis Phinney Foundation, which supports Parkinson's disease research and wellness, and IMBA California, which organizes advocacy and trailbuilding efforts statewide and strengthens California mountain bike clubs. More information can be found at or by calling 800-218-8411.


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